Friday, May 31, 2013

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Update # 28; Concept Sketches (2nd set), Icon Deck & The Long Walk update

The second set of concept sketches for the core book are in, I have several new concept sketches in for the Icon Decks, and I just reviewed the outline for The Long Walk and told Kit Kindred to start on his first draft. Plus I am working on getting new forums up for this project. 

Oh and I am moving to Texas by June 21st. 

2nd set of Concept Sketches
Jason Rainville turned in 10 new concept sketches this week and two updates from last weeks concept sketches.  He did a group portrait sketch of the 6 Npc Gossamer Lords, Lucian as Mentor to a PC,  2 versions of Psyche Battle between a Dwimmerlaik witch and our Umbra Master, 4 versions of the Shatterlight domain, and 2 versions of the Threats to the Gossamer Worlds. I give you a glimpse at the Threats to the Gossamer Worlds. 

Annunaki: Strange, formless beings that resemble animate lattices of Eidolon tracery, roughly humanoid but occasionally observed to follow other, more terrible configurations.

Erebi: Creatures born out of the Shadow, the space between worlds. Singly each is known as an Erebus. They project a broken, fragmentary part of their essence into the Gossamer worlds, and as a result, they appear as horrific creatures made of tears in reality, causing physical distress and discomfort.

Gorgons: swarms, these are actually powerful hive entities: immensely powerful puppet-master creatures that destroy the spirits of lesser creatures and envelop them into a hive identity of creatures, overpowering the spirit of the host entity.

Minotaur: The proto-minotaur, the grand daddy of them all. If there was ever a creature suited for wandering the halls of an endless series of passages, it is the Minotaur.

Ur-Orobos: Freakish shape-changers with no obvious real body, these chimerical beings are violent predators and hunt in packs... small tribes moving across the Gossamer worlds and into the Grand Stair itself.

Eidolon Construct: golems—artificial or occasionally natural—composed of raw elemental Gossamer reality, shambling masses of dense matter, powered by mana and imbued with resilience by the Eidolon.

Umbral Gaunts: Bodiless spirits, Umbra Gaunts possess dead or nearly-dead beings to effect the Umbra’s goals.

Icon Deck Update
Every artist has turned in its first sketch for the icon deck, with Gordon Napier having turned in his first final which you saw last week,and his second sketch and Ian Greenlee have turned over two finals and a third sketch.  So far we have 3 finalized Icon cards so 49 more to go. 

The Long Walk Update
Well I got to read The Long Walk outline yesterday and after two suggestions I told Kit, to start working on the first draft. I really like the brainstorming that went into the outline for The Long Walk, and it does tie into The Gathering Storm adventure presented in the Core Book, though you don't' have to have played it to enjoy the Long Walk.  

This is going to be a Wide-Open Sandbox and GMs adventure toolbox While it has a beginning and end how you middle will be entirely up to the PCs (and the GM).  It has some very interesting places to visit, some great Npcs that will be either friend or foe based on the PCs actions, and a number of events dealing in unintended consequences from PC actions and from the simple fact that while the PCs are doing something Npcs are also doing things too :)

It will have a guide to customization for our homebrewers, what elements arefungible (one of my favorite words thanks to Jeff Grubb and Owen K.C. Stephens), Kit is going to include a new power, and a New major Npc that did not make the original manuscript cut. Sample Gossamer Worlds behind Doors with NPCs and adventure seeds as well as a list of what you see behind this door, to help inspire you to create Gossamer Worlds of your own.
I think this product will really appeal to diceless veterans who have gone far afield as a product they can loot from as well as appealing to our diceless rookies or those who don't have the time anymore to do all the homebrew work and want something they can run after reading it once (or if they are really pressed for time reading it as they go). 

I am working on updating the Rite Forums to a new version PHPBB once I have that done and everything is working probably I will let you folk start signing up so that those who want to discuss things, can.  It will also make it easier for me to share images and documents for some of the higher level backers and start talking to folks about our Google Hangout games. 

Plano, Texas, USA

Just an FYI, I am moving to Plano, Texas by June 21st. This will not affect much of anything when it comes to Rite Publishing as everyone I work with is done via the internet. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Demolished Ones: Update #54 Printing Files uploaded

Waiting on Printer's Approval

I uploaded the files to the printer yesterday for The Demolished Ones Kickstarter backer copies,  and I am now awaiting approval from the printer. I expect to have that by the end of next week. Once they approve it I will order a proofing copy, which will take about a week to reach me, assuming nothing is wrong with it we will start ordering backer copies after that.

I will upload the updated and corrected PDF only file later today or tomorrow. However, since you have not seen it yet here is the cover wrap for the backer's version.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (Diceless) Update #27

Dwimmerlaik Concept Sketches!

Jason Rainville has turned over 11 concept sketches dealing with 4 images  Empress Ayasha, First Of The Dwimmerlaik; Mowbray, The Pale; Hierophant; Krovaliss, Suzerain Of The Sixth Armies; and a Dwimmerlaik Witch, 
I have sent out all of these to our lords level backers but I will preview one of them here below.  Remember these are just concept sketches and no where near finals. 

Icon Deck update

We have also had some early sketches from Gennifer Bone and another from Gordan Napier and a very detailed sketch from Joe Shawcross for the 52 card icon deck and all of those artist have art descriptions they are working on, We have 3 finalized images right now when we hit 10 I will preview some of them.
I want a few more examples of art descriptions before I get our Icon rank backers and higher working on those. 

The Long Walk 

Kit Kindred will be handing over his outline today for The Long Walk

The Rest

I am still in the process of getting the finances for payment and contracts together for our guest authors, so I will have more about those deadlines next week. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Demolished Ones (Fate) Update #53

Update Rule

One thing I will be doing from now on is before I update Lords of Gossamer & Shadow is I will be doing the update for Demolished Ones, as right now this project is my #1 priority.


I sent The Demolished Ones to a friend of mine who is a reviewer, who has been recovering from a stroke, so that he could practice his writing skills. I have paraphrased a little here only due to other parts of the conversation that were not relevant to you folks.

"So, the Demolished Ones......WOW! That is one seriously great read, and truly epic story for a game.....that has everything you need to truly have an awesome time with friends truly impressive....this is in my very short list of books that I will be wanting to share with the world. It takes a lot to truly find its way into my pile of personal “must” plays, and this one is there....pass on my words .... for crafting a stellar tale. Having never touched a Fate product before, this was perfect for someone to be introduced to the system"

Wrap Around Cover and Printer's Proof

We will be finalizing the wrap around cover on Tuesday rather than today, as our cover layout artist had  to go out of town. The interior file is finalized, but if you have any last minute corrections you have till tuesday 10 EST to post them as comments to this thread. I will send out the updated PDF file after I upload the files for the printer's proof.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

101 Variant Monsters Update (#9)

101 Variant Monsters Update (#9)

I finished 7 more variant monsters today, getting into the much more challenging CR 19 and 20s; I have just 3 more to do. One of which I know will be the Tarrasque as I plan to make him the King of Kaiju!

Today it was  Cogent (Shoggoth), Kabiri Demon (Demon, Vrolikai), Myrkvi├░r Linnorm (Taiga, Linnorm), Void Serpent (Deep Sea Serpent), Celestial Serpent (Linnorm, Tarn), Gibborim Behemoth (Behemoth, Thalassic), Maskim Devil (Devil, Pit Fiend)

Today I give a preview of the void serpent. 

Void Serpent (Deep Sea Serpent)

Description This enormous, unsettling flying  serpent is utterly black, seeming to absorb all light save glowing red, bulging eyes and rounded jaws filled with long, jagged black teeth. Sometimes called null dragons and emissaries of annihilation, these monsters are the bane of all existence, particularly dragonkind. Ironically the greatest of all dragonslayers is itself a dragon as they hate all dragon kind even themselves. Some sages claim that spheres of annilation are really void serpent eggs.

Subtype extraplanar this replaces the deep sea serpent’s aquatic subtype

Speed 10 ft., fly 90 ft. this replaces a deep sea serpent’s normal speed and surge ability

Abrogate (Su) The void serpent negates the benefits of its opponent’s strongest offensive combat ability (subject to GM adjudication). This can be either some personal power (such as the highest level class ability or a creatures highest level of spell-casting or spell-like abilities) or simply the beings highest ability score, which no longer provides any bonus while within range (no save). This ability extends to a range of 1,000 ft. This ability affects eidolons and intelligent magic items (but not intelligent artifacts), treating them as separate enemies. However, it has no effect upon non-intelligent magic items.
This replaces a deep sea serpent’s elusive defensive ability.

Entropic Wounds (Ex) The void serpent’s physical attacks cause damage that is resistant to healing. Natural healing, supernatural healing and extraordinary forms of healing (such as fast healing and regeneration) of healing require the subject to make a successful Fort save (DC 30) each time they attempt to heal the damage. Failure means in that damage cannot be healed by that particular form of healing. Healing via spells and/or spell-like abilities requires a successful caster level check DC 30 as do the use of spells or effects that would return a creature to life, and those returned to life gain an additional negative level (even those raised by true resurrection). The save DC is Constitution-based.
This replaces a deep sea serpent’s capsize special attack.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

101 Variant Monsters Update

101 Variant Monsters Update

I got seven more done today (91 done in total) this time it was Phansigar (Demon, Maralith), Beast from Beyond (Kraken), Chaos Serpent (Linnorm, Cairn), Norn of the Solstice Court (Norn), Prismcrawler (Nightshade, Nightcrawler), Volcano Behemoth (Behomoth, Thunder), Force Golem (Adamantine Golem)

Here is a preview of the Volcano Behemoth

Illustration by Nicolas Cloister 

Volcano Behemoth (Behemoth,Thunder)

Description Through the black ash and smoke, you make out an enormous beast that looks like it has an exploding volcano on its back, its entire body covered with obsidian and basalt armored plates.

Lava Burn (Ex) A volcano behemoth’s melee attacks deals 2d6 fire damage in addition to damage dealt. Those affected by the lava burn ability must also succeed on a Reflex save (DC 30) or catch fire, taking 2d6 for an additional 1d4 rounds at the start of its turn. A burning creature can attempt a new save as a full-round action. Dropping and rolling on the ground grants a +4 bonus on this save. Creatures that hit a volcano behemoth with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take fire damage as though hit by the volcano behemoth and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire. If a volcano behemoth is hit with a melee weapon it takes fire damage as though hit by the volcano behemoth and must make a Reflex save (DC 30) to avoid catching on fire. This affect does not avoid or ignore hardness. Weapons that deal additional cold or fire damage are immune to this effect (such as a flaming or icy burst weapon). The save DC is Constitution-based.
This replaces a thunder behemoth’s grab, fast swallow, and swallow whole special attacks. 

Pyroclastic Aura (Ex): a volcano behemoth exudes a smoky poisonous gas in a 30’ radius,
Pyroclastic aura—inhaled; save Fort DC 30; frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1d6 Constitution damage; cure 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is Constitution-based.
The smoke obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature within 5 feet has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker can't use sight to locate the target). A moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the fog in 4 rounds; a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round, but the smoke returns after 1d4+1 rounds.  
This replaces a thunder behemoth’s rock spitting special attack.

Breath Weapon (Su):  Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action, a volcano behemoth can expel a 60’ cone, that deals 12d6 points of fire damage and 12d6 points of magical bludgeoning damage. A successful Ref save (DC 30) results in half damage. Creatures with damage reduction that is not overcome by magical bludgeoning damage apply their listed damage reduction amount per die of magical bludgeoning damage. In addition, the cone of gas is poisonous.
Breath Weapon—injury; save Fort DC 30; frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 1d6 Constitution damage; cure 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is Constitution-based.
This replaces a thunder behemoth’s mighty roar special attack.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

101 Variant Monsters update

101 Variant Monsters update 

I completed 7 more over the last two days we have the Congealing Devil (Horned Devil) Force Ooze (Plasma Ooze),  Prismwalker (Nightshade, Nightwalker),  Glutton Beast (Bandersnatch),  Geysir Linnorm (Linnorm, Ice) , Shokujinki (Wendigo) and Sparkwight (Winterwight)

Here is a preview of the Glutton Beast

Illustration by Nicholas Cloister 

Glutton Beast (Bandersnatch)

This foul looking hog-like beast stalks forward with a bewildering grace it should not possess, two disgusting ear like tentacles lifting bits of food up to its horrid maw. Unlike a bandersnatch a glutton beast only likes easy prey, and will wait and stalk its pretty waiting for the perfect moment to take advantage of a foes weakness.

Melee bite +32 (2d8+13 plus grab and ravenous starvation), 2 tentacles +32 (2d6+13/19-20 plus ravenous starvation), tail slap +27 (2d8+19/x3 plus ravenous starvation) this replaces a bandersnatch’s normal melee and ranged attacks.

Reach 15 ft. (20 ft. with tail slap and tentacles)

Special Attacks rake (2 claws, +32, 2d6+13/19-20), rend (2 tentacles, 2d6+19) this replaces a bandersnatch’s normal rake and melee attacks.

Ravenous Starvation (Su) Any creature that is hit by a glutton beasts natural attacks or  strikes a bandersnatch with a melee attack, unarmed strike, or natural weapon must make a Will save (DC 29) or  instantly begin to starve, taking 1d6 points of nonlethal damage and are fatigued. Nonlethal damage from starvation cannot be recovered until the character gets food or water, as needed—not even magic that restores hit points heals this damage. The creature also requires five times the normal amount of food in each 24-hour period (so a Medium creature requires 5 pounds of food, and small creature 2.5 pounds). The Save DC is Constitution-based. This is a curse effect as bestow curse thought the DC to remove the curse is increased by +5.
This ability replaces a bandersnatch’s pain, quill defense, and quills special abilities. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

8 Ways to promote your RPG product and not spend any $ (Free Beer! Tomorrow.)

8 Ways to  promote your RPG product and Not Spending Any $

These are in the order of what generates the most number of sales beyond people just stumbling across your product. 

Direct Mailing
Generate a free preview of your Product and upload it to DriveThruRPG/RpgNow (I do this every month with Pathways) before you release your Product. Then when you release your product, use DriveThruRpg/RpgNow’s email a customer feature. You will generate an email to almost every customer who has ever downloaded a copy of one of your products including that free preview. (Don’t send an email like this more than once a week).

Social Media
Facebook, Google+, Twitter, (in that order of importance). You need to be active on it every weekday. You need to be talking about your products and not just  posting links to your products on sales, you need to engage your fans. If all you do is post releases people will stop watching your feed even though they may “like it”

Your Website
Focus on one thing. You can have links to your sales sites and other product lines but your front page should be the product you want out the most, and it should be your most recent release.  A website that is not updated with some regularity is useless.

Message Boards/Rpg related sites
You should be active on the message board that is the most popular for your product! Do not just post press releases, engage your fans. But you do need to post press releases to every message boards and sites that allow announcements and news.

You should be blogging about your product, before it comes out,  design notes, art previews, anything that relates to its behind the scenes productions, and even snippets of stuff, You can link to this from your social media. I prefer blogger, but wordpress is also good.  Visits to your blog can drive your sales as people become interested in what you write about and want more. This needs to be updated every weekday.

Podcast/video cast
You should be doing a podcast or a video cast, audacity is free so you can edit your podcast and blogger has a very simple way to get your stuff set up for Itunes. Heck, we do a live streaming videocast with the Demiplane of Gaming via google hangout; this takes no real tech skill. Also ask other podcasters and videocasters if you can be on their show! They need guests and you need promotion, so don’t be afraid to ask for things.

Advanced Review Copies
This one is harder to gauge with level of importance because one cannot do it with PDF only releases because no one can preorder a PDF, but having a review available the day it goes live is extremely helpful to sales. Anytime after that the review is not nearly as useful. An advanced review can also point out problems and give you time to fix them don’t be trigger happy to activate your product as soon as you upload it (I am bad about this.) Good consistent reviewers generally need two weeks advance to review a book (some are much cooler than this but it’s a good rule of thumb).

Now you do have to spend your time doing all these. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Print/Distribution Partner: Chronicle City

Just an announcement that Rite Publishing has changed print/distribution partners after the publication of Heroes of the Jade Oath. Our new partner is Chronicle City, who will start up with Publishing The Secrets of Adventuring which will be out in September though we will have copies at their booth at GenCon. 

We maintain a good working relationship with Cubicle Seven they have just outgrown the need for print partners and are being more then generous in our transition.