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Improvisational Preperation: Quick Name List

Quick Name List

Sometimes you just need a name on the fly, so have some name lists ready for people the Player Characters are likely to talk to. Keep them serious and say these names aloud so that you do not sound like an idiot when you use it in your game, and do not be afraid to use common names, and the names of the subject’s occupation. Consistency goes a long way; you are not trying to pick the perfect name for your antagonist, your naming the stable boy the PCs will talk to for less than a minute, so David Steed is a functional. Moreover, having someone yell out “Steed!”, and having someone bring your horse fits.

My three personal favorite name lists on the fly are Gary Gygax’s Extraordinary Book of Names by Troll Lord Games, Owen K.C. Stephen’s By Any Other Name articles for Dragon Magazine, and my spam folder. So take a few minutes and jot down 10 names you think will be useful in your next gaming session and update it each time and keep it handy. For those of you who might play in the Questhaven Campaign Setting here are some name lists from my home game. If you are doing a more traditional game, you are going to want to have the local human regional names, elven, dwarven, gnomish, and halfling names. You also might need some names for your bad guys so having something ready for them as well.  

Questhaven Human Names:
  • Male: Amren Bailey, Bryn Baker, Cadoc Carter, Dallwyr Chapman, Elwyn Clerk, Garym Cook, Hywel Cooper, Kynwyl Fisher, Mabon Hunter, Olwydd Knight,
  • Female: Cordula Marshall, Eira Miller, Flamina Parker, Gwendolyn Smith, Hafwen Taylor, Lynwen Turner, MabynWalker, Nona Warden, Rhianwen Weaver, Sirona Wright

10 Wyrd Names 
  •  Male: Evmah Wandering Moon, Fior Obsidian Heart, Lueti Unfettered Sky, Niman Unconquered Sun, Raervia Iron Soul, 
  • Female: Dirzala Undefeated Horizon, Haelstin Glorious Horizon, Maydra Running Cloud, Sinwiira Tiumphal Sunrise, Ulviiryl Towering Heavens

10 Jotun Names (Clan Yrr of the Jotun Tribe)
  • Male: Hallkell “Oldspear” Gautrson,  Jörundr “Keenforge” Ivarrson, Karl “Alehavoc” Márson, Njáll “Bitterwind” Örnson, Steinarr “Grimaxe” Bergrson 
  • Female: Arndís “Stonestalker” Birnadottier, Dagny “Meadwife” Elínadottier, Finna “Firewright” Guthnydottir, Halla “Oresage” Mjölldottir, Sinn “Haphall” Svanadottier

10 Gargoyle Names (Child of Kurvik, of the line of Kavu)
  • Apaxut Obsidiancast, Dalanc Tuffmask, Eidon The Trapper, Gareld The Bounty Hunter, Itaxur The Watchman, Kurvik The Seeker, Otuvar Granitemug, Poxi The Dilettante, Rorkar The Herald, Tu Wehrlite

10 Lurker Names
  • Darqueweaver, Z, Demoness, Maskurade, Myst, Master Shade, 624, The Bad Samaritan, Shardwolf, Vengance,

10 Ironborn Names
  • Conflate, Diaphanous, Fetching, Harbinger, Mellifluous, Nemesis, Ravel, Sempiternal, Ripple, Woebegone

10 Wretch Names (Blood of Steel Crag)
  • Augzog, Bakhyash, Bruzumsh, Dragbaz, Gokhtrog, Gorshak, Grathag, Hakkskar, Molknar, Stulgrogg,

Online Quick Name Generators Resources
·        Squid
·        Seventh Sanctum Names

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I Cried To Dream Again

How to run two adventures at the same time and totally screw with your players. An idea looted from 
Ravenloft II: House on Gryphon HIll by Tracy and Laura Hickman

Do you have to adventures you want to run but only one group? Well it is time to mind screw your players by running them both! These adventures can be on different worlds, or perhaps separated by different epochs, you can cause them to be mystically linked to each other though the Player Characters.

The way PCs cross this bridge is through the strange and mystical delirium episodes they suffer. When struck down by this ailment, the PCs awake to find themselves in a different land, faced by new challenges. Your players may begin in the 1st adventure, fall into a fever, and awake to find themselves in the 2nd! Then, after adventuring for a time, they suffer a relapse and regain their senses in the 1st adventure. There, a Non-Player Character tells them how they lay in a coma for several hours, babbling and murmuring. But, when they once again return to the 2nd adventure, a different frightened NPC there tells them the same thing! The PCs will never know which world is the dream and which real.

That is one of the decisions you as GM must make. You may make one of three choices. That the 1st adventure is real and the 2nd adventure is a fevered dream; that the 2nd adventure is real and the 1st adventure is not; or that both adventures are parallel and equally real (this is the one I recommend. In the dream world, the normal rules still apply. However, I recommend a linked villain that must be defeated in both adventures, if the characters defeat the villain; it will have no effect on the other adventure and vice versa. If the villain is not defeated in both worlds, he will rise from the dead or have fled to another form when the PCs return. However, if both worlds are real, then the villain, like the PCs is crossing back and forth. If he is defeated in one world, he is defeated in both. This gives the PCs more opportunities to defeat him. It also gives him more opportunities to defeat them, too!

While in either world, the PCs can suffer damage and die. However just like the villain, if you have to die in both worlds to suffer a permanent death. Otherwise, upon entering the adventure where the PC died, the PC is alive and well. Hit points lost are regained each time the PCs move from one adventure to the other. The time spent in a fever does count as rest, thus characters can regain spells and abilities, plus heal other damage normally. Items gained in one world will not be transferred to the other, with the exception of the character’s starting equipment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

35 Things Rite Publishing is working on.

  1. Lost in Dream a novel: softcover printing copy approved, hardcover printing proof ordered.

13th Age Roleplaying Game
  1. 101 Not So Simple Monster Templates on sale now!

5E Done Rite
  1. Looking for a freelancer to do some conversions (open call)
  2. Accepting pitches from freelancers who have done work for us before.

  1. The Demolished Ones: Fly in the Ointment  in editing.

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow
  1. The Long Walk manuscript complete, in editing, art complete. Expected release March/April
  2. Addendum: Shapeshifting assigned to a Riter. 
  3. No Beast So Fierce adventure by me, manuscript in playtesting, art is complete. Next stage after that will be using this to run my online game for backers
  4. Icon Deck 2: 42 pieces completed need to commission 10 more (possible Kickstarter)
  5. Gossamer & Shadow Adventure Path/Campaign Saga in development 
  6. Threats: Annunaki assigned to a Riter, manuscript in developement. 
  7. Lucien’s Guide 3 planning stage.
  8. Gossamer Worlds # 9, assigned to Riter. 
  9. Gossamer Worlds #10, assigned to Riter. 
  10. Gossamer Worlds #11 assigned to Riter. 
  11. Npc Codex (working title): This will be  a compilation of Mark Knights Npcs that he wrote up, it will be both full-color print and PDF product. The PDF may be Pay What You Want since the Npcs are available for free on Mark's website. The manuscript and art is complete, we just need a development pass on this which I really want Kit or Perry, and then off to editing if no revisions are needed.
  12. Lords of Gossamer & Shadow Fiction?  Novel or Anthology, don’t know yet?
  13. Lords of Gossamer & Shadow Besitary? (possible Kickstarter)

  1. The Secrets of the Divine 2  needs final development pass before going to the Editor
  2. In the Company of Dragons: The Lost Isles (In Development).
  3. Pathways #44 assigned to writers.
  4. Adventure Quarterly #6 Mock Layout Complete, waiting on art.
  5. Faces of the Tarnished Souk Kickstarter waiting on art.
  6. Martial Arts Guidebook waiting on art, manuscript finished and edited. (print)
  7. Rite Map Pack: Regional Map (working title) by Tommi Salama in development.
  8. 101 Not So Random Encounters: Desert manuscript in development
  9. Summoner of the Jade Oath manuscript in development
  10. The Haunted Quarter assigned to a Riter
  11. Kaidan Campaign Setting in mock layout, final chapters to be written, writing up art descriptions.
  12. Questhaven Campaign Setting in development with me writing. 
  13. 1001 Magic Items mock layout complete, cover art complete, needs art
  14. In the Company of Monsters Hero Lab  coding assigned to the Rite Coder (nearing completion)
  15. Ultimate Monsters Hero Lab (Book of Monster templates, 101 not so simple monster templates, 101 Monster Feats, 101 Variant Monsters etc.) assigned to the Rite Coder.
  16. Perrim’s Spellbook Magus Spellcards in development.
  17. Book of Kaiju assigned to Riters

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In The Company of Dragons Sales Numbers Day 30

1st Thirty Days. 

Release date August 1st to August 30th. Price $5.99
DrivethruRpg/RpgNow --------201, ----Gross Sales $778.70
Paizo ------------------------------ 81, ----Gross sales $485.19 54, -----Gross sales $323.46

Current Total Sales ------------336,-----Gross Sales  $2012.64

Sorry this is so late, It just got pushed to the back of the Que, I hope to be more on target when I do the first 90 days, I was surprised thought that this product never made the front page of Paizo though its been in the top 10 of downloads from other companies for a while now and just started slipping last week. 

I have been pleasantly pleased by the sales at, which I attribute to widgets and putting up two major pieces of content on the srd itself, plus the front page ad we pay for.

We are already working on In The Company of Dragons: The Lost Isles as a sequel.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

101 Not So Simple Monster Templates (13th Age) Preview: Bloodshackle Creature (lvl +1)

Bloodshackle Satyr

Illustration by  Taregh D. Saber

Bloodshackle Creature (lvl +1)

This creature can gain utter control over a creature via a special ceremony involving the creature's blood.

Blood Domination: This process involves an hour long ceremony, in which the victim must be helpless. First, the bloodshackle creature cuts the victim and allows a small amount of blood to drop onto her (usually into the creature’s palm, paw, tentacle, or pseudopod). It then proceeds with a ceremony of uninterrupted meditation nearby the helpless victim, creating a magical bond between itself and the target. From now on, bloodshackle creature may, at will, issue telepathic orders or borrow senses within 25 miles. The victim enacts these orders to the best of their ability.

Breaking the Blood Domination: The bond may be broken in several ways: through sheer will the victim is allowed to resist orders that are obviously self-destructive or force the victim to act against their strongest convictions, friends or kin; by use of a ritual magic targeted specifically to undo effects of Blood Domination, act of will by the dominator, death of the controller or intervention of an icon. The victim is granted four hard saves (16+) made over the course of the attempt to break free, and must succeed at one to throw the control for one day, and two to break it for good (obviously, the death of the controller requires no saves).

In each case when their control is contested and as long as they are aware of the contest, the bloodshackle creature may attempt to re-establish control for a round by making a successful attack vs. MD of the victim and force it to perform a single action. This particular action cannot be resisted.

The Blood Noise: Controlling too many subjects causes the bloodshackle creature severe discomfort due to constant buzz of incoming bits and pieces of thoughts. Therefore bloodshackle creatures of adventurer tier control only a handful, while Champion tiers take over most important individuals in an organization, and only the Epic tier controllers can take over small societies. 

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No Beast So Fierce Playtest (Uther's Diary and Sturm's Log part 1)


Uther's Diary 

Dear Diary,

Gods that sounds awful.  Still, I've got to start somehow, and since this is only intended for myself than it's as good a start as any, I suppose.  I'm writing this more to try to set my thoughts in order than for posterity, than to win any literary awards.  Hell, I'll probably be mortally embarrassed if anyone else should happen to actually read it.


I've been in combat before.  In my time first traveling and learning about the stair with Ilsa we had more hairy encounters than I like to think about.  Mostly though they were things or situations we simply blundered into, and our primary thought was to extricate ourselves while we were still mostly intact.  Our technique has improved over time, but stepping through unknown doors still involves a great deal of risk.

Today was different.  Today I elected to boldly go into harm's way.  (Hmm.  I think I split an infinitive there.  I wonder if the stair translates bad grammar into whatever language the locals speak, assuming they even have something resembling grammar.  I wonder how I'd even find out.  I wonder if linguists go crazy not being able to actually listen to the local language.  Something to worry about another day.)

Four years at one of Drake's academies has taught me a lot, although I suspect Ilsa would still put me in the category of someone who 'knows enough to be dangerous to himself.'  I can't say that real world experience has led me to disagree with this.  I think my attitude going in was this would be like another training exercise I could breeze through with a minimum of forethought and planning.  I was wrong.

Instead of going in as a unit, we waltzed in as a gang of individuals, with no clear concept of leadership or plan of attack.  The unknown nature of the threat encouraged this somewhat, but we still should have made some assessment of our various abilities and assessed potential individual vulnerabilities and planned how to compensate.

Equipment was another example of short sighted planning.  I know I simply picked up a plasma rifle so I could blow away some bad guys, depending on my own personal armor to protect me.  No one gave any thought to equipping everyone with communications gear, enhanced vision equipment, or simple body armor for those who had no protection of their own.  I know I didn't pack an medical field kit, again relying on my own personal armor and not considering the rest of the team.  Again, despite all our academy training, we're still thinking and acting as individuals.

I'm not sure if talking the mission over with Uncle Cedric beforehand would have helped with any of this.  I believe there are some lessons which can only really be learned though experience, particularly lessons learned from making mistakes.  The trick is to survive those mistakes, and if this mission ends really badly I don't want one of my mistakes to have been involving my uncle in the planning for a mission which was only a technicality away from a direct breech of Drake's orders.  I owe him that much.

The exit through the door could have gone better.  Sturm, as expected, charged through and engaged their heavy hitter.  Lacking any Gossamer effecting ability I broke off to the side and started distracting as much of the remaining opposition as I could.  They were obliging enough to follow, and I danced the dance with them, using their tendency to ignore ordinance littering the field from an earlier battle to inflict damage on them from the sides and back while their defenses were focussed forward to ward attack from my plasma rifle.  I was slightly surprised that I didn't get any support against these guys, but it turned out I didn't really need it and the others were mostly working to determine the nature of the opposition, which was a major reason for our coming here in the first place.

By this time a large wall had been erected between us and the large number of hostile reinforcements en-route.  The legionnaires who had been fighting near the door when we came though had abandoned their mecha and attempted to flee through the door once they became aware of us not knowing the door had been sealed immediately after we came through.  It was a fatal mistake on their part, not to mention our loosing a chance at gaining local intelligence.  I hate to think the kind of hell they must have been living through to risk their lives on such a slim hope of escape.

Sturm and the others were still engaged with their heavy hitter, leaving it to me to arrange our own departure plans before the enemy reinforcements arrived.  Focussing my thoughts through Falmorath I molded Gossamer, turning the drone (now minus the Icon and associated apparatus) into a conveyance capable of carrying the lot of us out of the immediate vicinity of the door.  The overloaded vehicle wasn't going to be able to reach any great altitude, but I intended flying nap-of-the-earth to stay out of line of sight of the approaching enemy anyway.  By now everyone else was ready to go, the enemy heavy hitter was now busy firing at the rest of the enemy reinforcements and effectively covering our retreat.  Along with the mecha this turned out to be another potential intelligence asset lost, although I'm not sure how we could have brought any of them with us.

Our destination was a place of power located out of sight to the south of the door.  It turned out to be a temple dedicated to a great Master of the Stair whose design and layout reflected some of the tracery of the eidolon.  A recorded tourist greeting has been hacked by Soma-sota to inform visitors that the enemy will not attack the temple, although if silence is not maintained inside they will send troops to deal with the desecrators.  We split up.  I stay outside and scan the structure for any Doors while some of the others go inside.  A wave of over-pressure warns of the imminent arrival of a cruise missile.  We bolt inside the temple, barely ahead of a blast which disintegrates everything outside the temple walls.  Another almost fatal bit of arrogance on our part, assuming the opposition didn't know where we had gone and weren't going to bother dealing with us.

Mena has been in touch with Baudemagus via his icon.  He thanked us for the intelligence we gave him so far and suggested getting in touch with the Soma-sota's forces via the communications gear of legionnaires who had been fighting by the door.  That would be in the mecha we abandoned.  Or in the drone left just outside the temple and now destroyed.

Cyra manages to put together a spell and retrieves the mecha.  Over the emergency channel we're receiving a message from a prisoner, the head of the unit which had been fighting by the gate when we arrived.  Stored in the mecha is an emergency rescue plan in case anyone is stupid enough to try to rescue a prisoner from the enemy stronghold.  Stored in the mecha which the enemy has had the access and time to compromise.  The enemy has taken no noticeable action against us since destroying our one piece of uncompromised local communications gear.  The situation has trap written all over it, yet this prisoner may be essential to successfully completing our mission, and the clock is ticking.

We've been lucky so far.  If we don't get better coordinated soon, that luck may run out.

Sturm's Log

The Team:
·       Oberleutnant Sturm von Krieg the warrior (Joab)
·       William Edwalton the scientist (Greg)
·       Jane Edwalton the explorer (Jenna)
·       Mena the traveler (Steph)
·       Uther the gatherer (Dave)
·       Cyra the sorceress (Mike)
·       Assieh the demi-goddess (Miranda)

Session 1:  9/21/2014
·       Baudemagus, the Legate of the 150th Legion, appeared at the academy in Area 51, Nevada.
·       The world of Fierce was a low-magic party world for the lords of Gossamer.  Advanced tech existed on Fierce that did not work on other worlds.  And there was no tradition of sorcery and magic on Fierce.
·       A year ago, Eidolon powered cyber soldiers appeared and attacked the inhabitants.
·       Soto-sama, commander of one of Drake's legions and a Fierce native, and her legion engaged the Cyber-Naki to stop the genocide.
·       Drake ordered the world abandoned.  Soto-sama refused to leave, and her 1st cohort, the First Fangs, stayed and were sealed in.  The last communication was that they were attempting to leave, but they never arrived.
·       Drake ordered the door sealed and declared Soto-sama and her legion as traitors.  No further news was heard from Fierce.
·       Yesterday, Soto-sama's legate, Baudemagus, received a message from Soto-sama that the evacuation was a disaster.
·       Since he is forbidden from sending Legionnaires to investigate, he has recruited eight gifted academy seniors to do a recon as they are not yet members of a legion.
·       This is all the information that Baudemagus has. 
·       He gave them each Soto-sama's icon, one of his own, and maps of Fierce.

Baudemagus asked them some questions:
·       What were you before joining the academy?
·       Asiah was advisor to the pharoah of her realm.  Uther was gathering information of the previous Gossamer war.
·       William was a fellow of the Royal Society (scientist).
·       Jane was also a fellow of the Royal Society (explorer).
·       Cyra was a hacker/sorceress.
·       Sturm has been a soldier from birth.
·       Mena was a traveller.
·       Goals?
·       Mena - hone skills
·       Stum - glory for the red
·       Cyra - root the universe
·       Jane - knowledge
·       William - science!
·       Uther - gathering specific information for a patron
·       Assieh - improve the lot of her people
·       Where did you come from?
·       Mena - does not talk about it
·       Sturm - the death world of Krieg
·       Cyra - the Mars colony of a future high-tech Earth
·       Jane - start of enlightment alternate Earth
·       William - start of enlightment alternate Earth
·       Uther - an alternate 1920's Earth
·       Assieh - Calashar, the home of the aliens who actually did visit the ancient Egyptians

·       Mena, Assieh and Sturm raided the academy weapons locker to sign out training weapons.  They acquired full body armor, plasma rifles, two-handed swords, combat knives, and a hover gunship armed with missles and plasma cannons.
·       Mena informed her home mentor to inform him of her assignment.  He said it was an excellent opportunity.
·       Cyra informed her parents.  Cyra's mother has been to Fierce before.  She said it was similar to the training Earth.  There was a meteor strike that introduced metallic hydrogen, which was the key their advanced technology.  She had heard about cybernetic soldiers, but they were not new to Fierce.  However, those soldiers were not powered by the Eidolon.  These cyber-soldiers could probably operate on the stair, and she is glad that someone is being sent to investigate because she thinks Drake's plan of isolation is misguided.  She wants to know how they were empowered by the Eidolon and why they are called the Cyber-Naki.
·       Jane learned that the door is in the northwest corner of the island housing city of No, which is the site where the meteor fell millenia ago.  The door is all that remains following the endless fighting between the Cyber-Naki and the defenders.
·       Soto-sana was holding the door as a means of escape, but there is no indication that the Cyber-Naki have every tried to go through the door.

·                 They headed for the door, past eight other doors on that side:  Broke World, Imperia, Nightmare Kingdom, Tetsugen Shogunate, Stratospheria, Verse Arcanum, Ossuary Empire, and Nexopolis.  The door to Fierce is next.  The door beyond fierce is Finisterrae, the last battlefield, also known as the Last Earth.  No living soul of that world remains along with soldiers from a thousand other worlds, as well as the remains of their Dwimmerlaik foes.
·                 They left the gunship behind.
·                 Uther, Jane and Cyra all got impressions from the door.  They got a sense of a threatening environment on the other side.  Natives and non-Natives of fierce are present of the other side, as well as Eidolon influence and the presence of an icon. 
·                 Uther also sensed the presence of Edward, a cadet who graduated when he first entered the academy.  There are at least four non-native beings in close proximity to the door, who are not Eidolon infused, but the Eidolon is rapidly approaching.  The signals from the icons do not seem any stronger than at the academy.
·                 Cyra noted a small sense of Soto-sama, a ward of sorcery in the distance, and an extremely powerful sense of tiny pieces of the Eidolon.  She also got a sense of a place dedicated to a powerful Master of the Grand Stair who was not a Gossamer lord.
·                 Baudemagus unsealed the door with the instruction to go through quickly so he can seal the door, and use the icon to contact him to open the door again.

·                 There is a crashed ship shooting a beam toward an icon card.  There were four armored beings on the ground.  One was trying to recover the icon while the other three were shooting at flying Cyber-Naki shooting at them.
·                 Assieh identified that one of the flying entities is vulnerable.
·       Sturm went through the door first, stepped out of the doorway, and shot the identified entity with a plasma bolt.  He shot it through the head, and it plummeted out of the air as a tiny bolt of light flew out of its midsection.
·       Mena identified it as a piece of perfect Eidolon and grabbed at it to bring it to her.
·       Jane held back to assess the situation.
·       William edited one of the flying creatures to not have wings and flew off.
·       Uther entered and used his weapon to distract the enemies from the other team members.  Most of the Cyber-Naki landed and focused on him.  One, who looked different from the others, held back and directed two others toward the icon again.

·       They were assaulted by the Cyber-Naki.  Assieh, Jane, Mena were hit by kinetic weapons built into their armor.  Assieh's Umbra consumed her bullets.  Mena's Eidolon deflected all the shots.  Jane hid behind Sturm, who took the hits to protect her.  Jane then raised a protection of her own.
·       One of the two that were redirected back to icon reached out and a small torrent of lava onto one of the defenders whose armor disappeared and was reduced to ash.
·       It was clear to Sturm that the Cyber-Naki are intent on recovering the icon from the myriad defenders, whose corpses are lying all around.  Seven Cyber-Naki put the red type remain in the immediate vicinity, but ore are coming.
·       Off in the distance, Jane could see a tall intact structure to the east with multi-colored glass from which a lot of the Cyber-Naki are coming.  To the south, Jane could detect a sanctuary to the south of a Master of the Grand Stair.

·       Sturm shot the outcropping above the lava-shooting Cyber-Naki and buried it under tons of stone.
·       Jane grabbed the icon with blinding speed and returns for cover.
·       The Cyber-Naki that fell to the ground advance rapidly.  They drew Eidolon enhanced swords and fired their kinetic weapons.  the defenders abandoned their mech suits and tried to flee though the door, though it was closed again.  There are no three empty mech suits.
·       Uther continued to draw their fire.  He could see their their Eidolon Defense was focused to the front and detonates unexploded ordinance behind them and destroys them.
·       The Cyber-Naki returned fire and slaughtered the unarmored former defenders.  The team's defenses protected them.
·       Cyra noted a magical presence in the drone the icon is on and took it and then took cover.  Sturm determined that the drone had been flying around to prevent it from being targeted while sending its message.
·       William strengthened reality and one side of the building reappeared and was strengthened against the incoming Cyber-Naki assault.
·       Assieh determined that the light inside the red Cyber-Naki has no trace of Umbra in them.  She affected the environment around it to make it vulnerable.
·       Mena used Eidolon Mastery to make the liquid in it solid into a perfect statue, but she was unable to defeat its defense.

·       Mena's eyes suddenly became perfect and her brain was overcome by sensory blindness.  She sent Mindel to attack him physically.
·       Sturm sprinted to one end of the wall and saw the red attacking Mena with an Eidolon beam, but did not appear to hit him.  There was some tech protecting him, but the beam attack was suspended.
·       Uther assessed the escape options.  He determined that he could reassemble the drone to affect the team's escape from the engagement zone.
·       Jane retrieved the rifle that was next to the icon.
·       Cyra mind-blasted the red Cyber-Naki.  It then restarted and began shooting at the incoming Cyber-Naki.
·       William perfected the red Cyber-Naki's programming.  Sturm saw the tiny light fly off toward the southeast toward the Grand Stair Master's enclave.

·       Uther molded the downed drone into an escape vehicle.  The team mounted and prepared to depart.
·       There was a massive explosion and a building falls on top of several of the incoming flyers.
·       They travelled to the enclave and found a bizarre, white temple blending Asian mythology of demons and such, bearing an image of Soto-sama.  Around the building was a moat contain the sculptures of myriad hands. The image said that speaking inside the building attracts the Cyber-Naki, but they do not want to damage the structure.  The building has an almost perfect Eidolon presence.  The only Umbra present was in the pit of the damned.

·       Uther hypothesized that there might be another door in the building.  However he did not detect one.
·       Sturm stayed to defend Mena and Assieh.
·       Asssieh scryed impending danger.
·       Mena contacted Baudemagus and reported in.  He identified the temple and suggested using the tech to contact other members of the cohort.
·       Sturm detected the presence of an incoming cruise missile.  He grabbed Assieh and Mena and dragged them into the building.
·       Uther saw the missile hit and convert everything in the blast zone convert into perfect dust.  Then the little light flew off back to the southeast.
·       Inside the temple are scenes of popular heroes fighting their nemeses.  In the center of the building is a giant statue of a goddess where Buddha would normally be sitting.  Mena advised being respectful of Kenti Iomenta, the Lady of Silence, a fifth stage Usari.  She said that speaking within the temple attracted the cyber-naki.
·       Cyra hacked into the tech he took from the drone.  She identified that it was being used to broadcast the message to any other icons. 
·       Uther tried to send a message and determined that it was being blocked.  But he did detect a brief presence.  He detected no doors in the image he saw.
·       They went to one of the outbuildings to talk.  They discussed options.
·       From the top of the pagoda, they could see a flashing neon sign to the west saying "the Paralax" with an arrow pointing to a stair going down to a nightclub.  To the direct south was an amusement park where some of the rides were still functioning.  To the east was a large body of water with an aquarium and a water park on the top of the plateau.  Most of the surroundings look like a battle zone except for these things. 
·       Sturm hypothesized that a retreating army would go to the nightclub as it was underground.
·       According to the maps, there was a market south of the amusement part, but there was a symbol next to it in an unknown language.  They speculated that the aquarium might be used to grow food, that the amusement park indicated a functioning  power source.
·       Cyra prepared her spells and teleported the three mech suits back to the temple complex.  She noted a figure observing the suits before taking them.  Then she hacked the systems.  She heard a repeating message through the comm systems stating that a male speaker named Jonathan had been captured and was being held in the basement of the Hydrasteel building.  She assessed the authenticity of the message and determined that the frequency used was recognized by the suits as authentic from the legion.
·       Jonathan was the name of the cadet Uther had recognized from the door.
·       Cyra replied to the message and asked to report his condition.  Jonathan said that he was able to voice activate his comm unit and send the message, but that he was bound and that it was otherwise dark.  He asked what happened to his squad.  When asked of they normally take prisoners, he said that they used the prisoners for organic parts.  He said that it was not normal to bring prisoners to the Hydrosteel building.
·       Cyra followed the transmission and located the mech suit, which was located at the location of the Hydrosteel building and a level below Jonathan.
·       The mech suit had an escape plan programmed in.  It appeared to be prepared by Soto-sana.  It warned against making rescue attempts, but attempted anyway, to use the subbasement.  The same message was found in the suits the team had acquired.